Bram Schilleman has extensive experience in advisory and management roles. Together with information management, the setting up and managing of change, programmes and project portfolios form the core of his professional experience.

He was responsible for the successful professionalisation of project management, information management, project portfolio management and change programmes. He specifically focused on the continuous translation of strategic objectives into a project portfolio and manageable projects. He also carried out process optimisation projects in the role of advisor and set up process optimisation (with Lean) in an organisation. As an advisor, he also conducted various restructuring and reorganisation processes. Furthermore, he significantly improved performance management by replacing conventional, multi-source performance reports with management dashboards. Value-Based Management is one of his areas of expertise.

Bram is characterised by a result-oriented attitude and his ability to think any planned changes through properly and bring in the key parties at an early stage. He believes dialogue before and decisiveness following the decision-making process are essential to successful changes. He brings out the best in people and is a team player who gives people space within the confines of narrow frameworks. He feels right at home in both advisory roles and in programme and interim management positions.

His experience is centred on the financial sector. Additionally, he has worked in trade and industry. In the past, he worked as an advisor at KPMG Consulting and Nolan, Norton & Co. In the last 10 years, he has been active as director at ABN AMRO and Delta Lloyd Group.

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