Frits Steenmeijer has over 15 years of experience in the fields of project management and large-scale implementation projects. His project experience is characterised by his ability to design and implement innovative services in cooperation with the client. He studied Informatics and Business Administration at Twente University. He started working at Bakkenist Management Consultants in 1991. When Bakkenist was taken over by Deloitte & Touche in 2000, Frits held the position of senior manager. Between 2004 and 2009, he worked as a partner for the Arengo consultancy firm and he is currently a partner at Bakkenist.

Recently, he has worked as project manager for process and system modifications to facilitate a new telecommunication service (VOIP) and as delivery manager for new financial transaction services (SEPA) for a major banking firm.

Frits supports the client in translating corporate problems into profitable IT solutions. He then realises his recommended solution – often in the role of project manager – with a strong focus on acceptance by the organisation.