Hans streamlines operations and makes them transparent. One of his specialities is transforming finance organisations into full partners and directors of operations. This often begins with creating a healthy financial structure and governance, combined with the effective use of IT as the foundation for successful operations.

Hans’s strengths and his universal employability are the result of his extensive professional experience, which he gathered while working at Siemens (commerce & technology) and ABN AMRO (finance, organisation & technology) and as a consultant/certified executive interim manager for insurance companies, NS (high-speed trains) and health care organisations.

This has led to a wide range of successes, including:

   Restoring compliancy with laws and regulations and increasing profitability by restructuring core departments and redesigning and implementing critical corporate processes as a consultant and change manager at Avéro Achmea;

   Organisational and financial restructuring, organisation-wide introduction of financial governance and the organisation of an extensive global due diligence and compliance programme as a CFO and COO at ABN AMRO;

   Developing new business by integrating the latest technology from research centres with existing systems as a business unit director at Siemens.

Hans is at his best when working as a unifying force in complex environments at the interface of people, organisations, technology and finance. He is an electro-technical engineer (Delft); he broadened his knowledge with recent studies at Twente University (VentureLab International) and Nyenrode Business University.

His leadership style is based on stimulating others, promoting cooperation and the growth of employees’ knowledge and responsibilities. Hans works as an advisor, line/interim manager and a programme/portfolio manager. 

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