Hessel has extensive international experience with complex issues pertaining to Finance, the founding and maintaining of Joint Ventures and the leading of major organisations in a variety of cultures. Although intuition is an important factor, most of his solutions are based on his ability to get to the bottom of a problem’s causes, carefully coordinate strategy and available means and create support among stakeholders.

Hessel Franssen began his career at Shell, where he held a number of functions as Controller of the Pernis complex, Finance Manager of the Dutch Retail Organisation, the International Crude Oil Trade in London and Russia. He was also partly responsible for setting up the Shell organisation. Next, he began working as the Financial Manager of Satelindo, a cooperative alliance between Deutsche Telekom and investors from Indonesia. His next experience came as CFO of Makro Asia, where he was partly responsible for all branches in six Asian countries. Since local partners had a stake in all these countries, a significant part of his activities consisted of managing these relationships. After moving to the Netherlands, he joined Viafocus as a partner. He conducted advisory activities with a focus on effectiveness, efficiency and risk management for media companies, energy generation companies and an insurance company. He continued these activities at Bakkenist.

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