In his work, Houwke Ong focuses on social innovation. He has a wide background in a variety of branches. His strong suit is his ability to quickly get to the core of complex situations and realise the necessary changes.

He therefore often starts out as an organisational advisor before supervising the change after the analytical phase in the capacity of a programme/project manager. His background in information management helps him include information consequences as a necessary part of the change. His organisational sensitivity enables him to set up cooperative alliances between multiple parties.

Furthermore, he works as a team coach for the team development programme Teams to Results, a goal-oriented programme that helps to develop effective teams that are characterised by faith, openness, involvement, personal accountability and a focus on results. Recently, he worked in the health care sector to set up a cooperative alliance between health care providers, patient organisations and health care insurers. Its goal was to reach result indicators that have the support of all parties involved in the process.

In his career, which spans more than 25 years, he has worked at Bakkenist, Arengo Organisational Advice & Management, Boer & Croon Management Consultants and Akzo Nobel.