Jan has extensive experience with complex and large-scale risks that are characterised by a low-frequency damage pattern. He has also earned his spurs as a manager of sizeable portfolios. He acknowledges the difference between these two areas of expertise in the insurance industry, each with its own characteristics, specific business practices and distribution techniques.

He held positions of final responsibility at a number of organisations, including insurance companies, intermediaries and proxy organisations. He also dealt with sourcing issues (including shared back offices), (re)organisation issues, distribution strategy and risk management. He is at home in the financing of intermediaries and, in a more general sense, the relationship between this profession and insurers.

Jan calls on his experience for his work as an advisor or manager. In addition to management jobs, he advises a number of organisations in the insurance sector about the challenges of efficiency and distribution.

Jan is married and father to two daughters. He spends his free time with his family and on sports and also works for social organisations.