Jeroen Zaalberg currently focuses on the successful introduction of new services by major organisations. Telecom companies, public service providers and financial institutions know the challenges that come with the territory: these new services must not only be offered on the market at short notice, but they must also continue to function reliably for an extended period of time. Jeroen is responsible for directing the use of all required disciplines within the organisation and ensuring they work closely together to achieve joint successes.

Jeroen studied Aviation Technology at the TU in Delft and earned his MBA diploma at INSEAD in France. Since 1988, he has been working on the realisation of optimal services in a variety of sectors. After his studies, he began by working for an international IT consultancy firm. Next, he moved on to Whirlpool, a manufacturer of household equipment. From head offices in Germany and Italy, he worked on projects to improve customer service all over Europe. Between 1997 and 2006, Jeroen worked at KPN, where he was active in account management, product management, strategy and business development. His core business involved improving organisations and their activities to suit changing market demands and increasing competition. 

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