Kees van de Ven has extensive experience in the field of business intelligence and product management, as well as a solid background in project and programme management. 

Kees has helped to bring several high-profile BI initiatives in the Telecom Industry to a successful conclusion. These BI (client image) initiatives have facilitated an immediate and demonstrable improvement in customer approach. Additionally, he supervised several product introductions pertaining to voice and data integration and, later, Fixed-Mobile integration. Kees can swiftly bridge the gap between technological and market developments.

Kees studied corporate econometrics at the University of Tilburg. He began his professional career in 1997 at Coopers & Lybrand management consultants. During that time, he gained experience with implementing IT in organisations and the changing of corporate processes. In 2001, he transferred to KPN and began working as a senior product market manager, both in the wholesale and the retail sector. He also introduced several dual-play propositions and continued to broaden his knowledge of the world of marketing. In 2006, Kees founded his own interim organisation that focused on product development and marketing for new services. He also gained experience in retention management. Kees joined Bakkenist in late 2009.

His method is characterised by his pragmatic, sober, goal-oriented approach and his sense of humour.

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