Rob van Roessel is an organisational advisor and project manager with extensive experience in Retail, Consumer Products, Finance and IT – particularly pertaining to the rationalisation and implementation of IT investments in the fields of Finance, HR and Risk & Control. After an education at the Hogere Hotelschool in The Hague, Rob enrolled in the Organisation & Policy programme at the University of Amsterdam. He then began his professional career in 1996 by working as an SAP advisor at Deloitte Consulting in Heidelberg.  He quickly moved on to project management functions at a number of major European clients. After a short stop as a Product Marketing Manager at an Internet start-up firm, he joined Maxeda (formerly known as VendexKBB) where he occupied leadership positions and was responsible for the continued professionalisation of the Maxeda IT organisation. In 2005, Rob advised all Maxeda Business Units in the capacity of Business Consultant and helped them translate business objectives into practical IT support with a high level of added value.

Since 2008, Rob has been active at Arengo as an advisor and he joined Bakkenist in 2009. Recent projects involved the implementation of a Risk Control Framework and the financial division of two retail organisations. Recently, Rob worked as a project manager for a Dutch bank and was responsible for managing the operational component of an outsourcing project for all its data centres.


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